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Friday, January 12, 2007

Shall we go shopping?

You've seen lots of pictures of ancient China, and some of rural China. This is modern China. Can you imagine shopping in this mall? If I recall correctly, this was taken in Xi'an, and after exploring the 2nd floor, descended the escalater and sat in "Starbucks" enjoying a Grande Mocha. Picture taken by Alida Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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This was a gigantic TV screen on top of a large boat that we passed on the river. Posted by Picasa

Shanghai by night

We took a cruise on the Huangu River and what a sight it was. The lights on the building to the right changed to make different pictures which I will upload. Amazing. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cacoons in waiting

These cacoons will be threaded and spun. This great photo is by AlidaPosted by Picasa

Miracle of the Silkworm

Four women each take a corner of the stretched cacoon and stretch it even more, making the silk duvets that are so popular for tourists to buy when they visit China and the silk factories Posted by Picasa

Sam and the Silkworm

Sam tries to stretch the cacoon over the hoop, but finds it is not as easy as it looks. Posted by Picasa

Removing the worm

The silkworm is removed from it's cacoon, and the cacoon will be stretched over the metal hoop that you see on the left. It is not an easy task as you will see in the next picture Posted by Picasa

Silk Fabric

This picture shows the fabric being made. The pattern is computerized and is now automated.
At one time, this would have been done soley by hand. Posted by Picasa

In the Silk Factory

This picture shows the small cacoons waiting to be threaded onto these spinning machines. This must be done by hand as the silk threads are so small, but strong. Posted by Picasa

Silkworms cacooning

Tis the season for lords a leaping, swans a swimming....the silk worms are cacooning. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting ready for the Olympics

All along the major highways, people are working, laying tiles
and planting trees and shrubs. And not just planting. They are decorative. It was hard to take photos from the bus as were were travelling from city to city. Photo by Alida Posted by Picasa

Rural China

Either they were coming or going. Returning home with produce sold is my guess. What is yours. Photo by Alida Posted by Picasa

Goddess of Mercy

This beautiful ancient relic is housed in the Shannxi Provincial Museum in Xi'an. One of my earlier photos talks about the Goddess of Mercy in detail Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Topiary gone mad

We saw this wonderful temple garden at the Great Wall and it's a great example of the magic the Chinese gardeners can create by sculpturing hedges and ornamental evergreens. This sort of display was evident along the highways and in the city gardens and boulevards we drove through on our tour. Posted and photo by Joan Posted by Picasa


At the end of nearly every meal we were presented with a large platter of watermelon.....and on the street in Beijing we passed this farmer delivering his load of fruit. Photo and post by Joan Stephens. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fish in a Dish

The meals that we experienced were amazing.
Very healthy. Lots of veggies, steamed, and little or no pastries for dessert. Fruit was always offered at the end of the main meal. Posted by Picasa

A Rotisserie of Roofs

Told you I was hooked on roofs. Seems like Alida was too. This is another of her excellent photos. Posted by Picasa

This isn't just an ordinary roof

This building is in a garden that we visited. Isn't it amazing??
This delicious photo was taken by Alida. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fred and The Three Monkeys

Here we are waiting for our tea demo at the tea plantation while Janet hears no evil, Sam speaks no evil....hehe...and Ylda sees no evil. Another great picture by Alida Posted by Picasa

Bridge over the canal

This beautiful picture was taken by Alida. It is of one of the
many bridges that connect the community in the "Water Village" Posted by Picasa