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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Dyke

In order to view the Three Gorges Dam Project, we had to board a different bus that was authorized by the Government. We were joined by "Vivie" our Guide. Vivie announced that 5 days prior to our visit, they now have 14 generators working fully. Vivie was disappointed that we were not as enthusiastic about the news as she was.
Here, our bus travels across the dyke which was built in the year 2000. The 6000 people that work on this project, live behind this brick wall. From 1977 -2002 there were 40,000 people working here. All cranes that you see were built in foreign countries. Crane operators cannot drink much water, as they don't leave their cranes. According to our quide, they are highly paid at 200 Yuan per day, which is approx $30 Cdn. Concrete is poured 24 hours a day. They have 3000 gardners planting trees because they had cut down too many trees since they started the project. Photo by Alida Posted by Picasa


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