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Monday, November 20, 2006

Stick Men

You will notice that the two men in the foreground are
carrying sticks. They are waiting to be hired by people who
need to have something carried. Groceries etc. People are
being displaced, not only by the Three Gorges project but by
the developers and the huge condos that they are building.
They are also very expensive. $140,000 Cdn for a 3 bdrm, which out of reach for many Chinese people. The government
is trying to control realtors speculation. If you buy property to sell, you are not allowed until 5 years have passed. If you do, you are penalized.
Public transportation is fueled by propane. They burn their
garbage to produce power, and huge sewage plants purify the
water before it is put into the river. Wood, metal, plastic and paper are recycled, and people will steal metal to sell for profit. Posted by Picasa


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